Aqua Citra Shop

Experience the freshness of Aqua Citra once again.

Aqua Citra Perfume is back again, a faithful re-creation of the original perfume from the sixties and seventies.

Now you can experience this fresh and zingy nostalgic scent once again and if you are looking to wear an up to the minute bright fragrance Aqua Citra could just be the perfect perfume.

Aqua Citra Perfume 100ml

The fragrance opens with an explosion of citrus notes combined with a soft spicy accord bringing a contrasted freshness to the green floral heart of the composition, leaving an addictive woody and musky dry down at the end.

Aqua Citra Perfume 30ml

Aqua Citra purse spray is the same refreshing perfume as the 100ml edition, available as 30ml Purse Spray for a hand bag - so you are never without the memorable fragrance.

Aqua Citra Beauty Soap

This oatmeal beauty soap leaves the skin fresh and delicately scented with the aromatic essences of Aqua Citra Perfume. A refreshing soap for any time of day.