Aqua Manda Purse Spray 30ml

Aqua Manda Perfume is back again, enjoy the lingering, refreshing fragrance of this classic perfume. Keep this Purse Spray in your hand bag, so you are never without this memorable fragrance.

Aqua Manda Perfume Beauty Awards

Shortlisted for Beauty Awards

Aqua Manda Perfume is shortlisted for the Beauty Awards 2014, one of the premier and most prestigious dates in the beauty calendar.

The iconic perfume from the sixties and seventies, Aqua Manda is back again.

This fab fragrance captured the spirit of an era that was carefree and fun, now you can enjoy the iconic Aqua Manda Fragrance once again with this Purse Spray.

A perfume for every occasion.

Aqua Manda Perfume is made with essential oils of mandarin, ginger, lavender, patchouly, cinnamon, and other aromatic herbs  (Eucalyptus, tarragon and juniper berry). The fragrance has a top note of Mandarin with an Oriental base note.

A refreshing and lingering fragrance for day time and evening wear, Aqua Manda’s oriental and spicy scented base notes provide the perfect fragrance for any occasion.

Why not treat yourself or a best friend with this 30ml Purse Spray.

Authentic fragrance approved by the original creator.

This recreation of the original scent has been painstakingly developed by a team of perfumers at the original oil suppliers and after many trials and tests it has been approved by the original creator of the Aqua Manda fragrance, Christopher Collins, who has acted as an advisor on its relaunch.

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Aqua Manda Perfume is back again, enjoy the lingering, refreshing fragrance of this classic perfume.

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