Aqua Manda & Aqua Citra Perfume - Commendations and Likes from our customers.

Since launching Aqua Manda Perfume and more recently, Aqua Citra, we have had many enthusiastic responses from our customers, read just a few of them below...

Here at Beauty Base we have stocked the wonderful Aqua Manda Perfume for several years, and believe that it’s popularity stems from the brand’s Made in England roots and ability to capture a moment in time.

As a popular scent from the late 60’s and 1970’s, our baby boomer customers enjoy the revival of memories this fragrance evokes. We understand that nostalgia can play an important part in the enjoyment of a product and are happy to be stocking such a well loved product.

As a supplier, Aqua Manda Perfume is a perfect fit for us, and we can expect to continue working with them and their brands for years to come. -

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am about all the wonderful things I have been hearing about Westex, and to feed this back to you. I really believe that we should tell people when we think they are wonderful!

I have heard that your level of service and efficiency has been much appreciated by merchandising, you are friendly and approachable and you responded to feedback about packaging processes perfectly. An A+ supplier!

And most of all, I am absolutely delighted that I found your company as the aquamanda and black rose are being received so well by our customers, even this early in the gift season. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you.



          Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the exceptional service from you and BBD for getting the order to me so promptly.


"I have my Aqua Citra on now, how fresh and spicy it is perfect."

"My hubby bought me the Aqua Citra to go with Aqua Manda, love them both."

"My Gift Set from Aqua Manda arrived today and I am really pleased to say it smells just like when I was a girl. Lovely. All the memories came flooding back. Thank you for the chance to win this set. Rather than crossing this from my Christmas list firstly I will be placing my own order and I will be asking everyone to get me more. I'm not running out again!!!"

"I found the products to bring back the memory of years gone by so did my friends.  I would say that to my memory recall it smells the same. Gorgeous."

"Well done with the re launch of Aqua Manda! Fantastic and just like the original. I was born in 1968 and as a child in the early 70's my mother wore it all the time. I've restocked her bathroom cabinet and she loves it all over again.
Please can you do some Aqua Manda for Men too and also look at bringing back Goya Sandalwood. My Dad wore that and it had such a long lingering gorgeous fragrance. I'd like to wear it too!"

"Thank you for your excellent and prompt service. The communication links are also wonderful."
"Great conversation point and delighted to have it in the store"
"Ooh! It's arrived! It is EXACTLY how I remembered it! One quick spray and I am transported back in time. My Ravel shoes with mirrors on the heels, mini skirt by day, maxi by night. Long hair, bell bottoms with inserts of extra material, false eyelashes - where did the intervening years go? By the way, brilliant service. Delivered spot on the time advised! Thank you! Back to memories...."
"My husband bought me Aqua Manda for Christmas and I am loving it."
"Hi, many thanks the perfume arrived this morning, very pleased, a great service from you and quick delivery, I will be ordering from you in the New Year, best wishes to you all and Merry Christmas"
"My sample arrived today! It smells gorgeous on my skin and takes me back to endless summer days, sitting in a circle making daisy chains and singing."
I've waited 40 years to smell Aqua Manda again it has taken me back in time.
"Still the delicious fragrance I remember. Can't fault the service, I ordered yesterday, received this morning, thank you :)"
"The packaging was an instant reminder of those long summers."
" wife not only sprayed herself but several rooms and the house now smells like the seventies ! - she can't wait to show off to her friends as she is so excited to have a bottle of Aqua Manda."
"To say I have my perfume spray and how very much I love it, thank you with all my heart."
"Well, I'm excited to see Aqua Manda back - it's a perfume I'd never forgotten but certainly never expected to smell again and the soap smells lovely (have to save the perfume for Xmas!). I think it's led to a lifelong love of mandarin-based perfumes :) Interesting to know about the bottle; indeed, I kept mine for years too. Good that the packaging is the same. Have copied the ad to my FB page - good luck with the relaunch and I hope it stays around this time!"
"Already received with many thanks. It smells glorious!"
"Ordered some (Aqua Manda Perfume) on Monday evening and it arrived on Wednesday -so quick! Lovely nostalgia-inducing scent...."
"Good luck in Debenhams. Aqua Manda is BACK! and as good as it ever was."
Aqua Manda
Just wanted to thank you for reviving Aqua Citra. Bought some today in Debs sale (lucky!) and it is just as I remember it, fresh and zingy. Brightened up a dull and cold January day. Made me want to put on some platforms and dance to Sweet!
Thank you, thank you, for the fabness that is AquaManda & AquaCitra