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It looks like Aqua Manda Perfume is making a splash across the media including newspapers, magazines and the internet.

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Soul & Spirit December 2017

Aqua Manda winning perfume in Soul and Spirit Aqua Manda winning perfume in Soul and Spirit

Aqua Manda Perfume newspaper article


Aqua Citra fragrance review - Fighting Fifty - on You Tube.

View this fabulous movie all about Aqua Citra...

Sunday Times Style 19th April 2015

Aqua Manda in Sunday Times Style 19th April 2015

Country Living November - December 2014

Aqua Manda featured in Country Living Magazine

Featured in 'Nature's Perfumery - Lavender'...the remake of classic Seventies fragrance Aqua Manda EDP blends lavender with tarragon and ginger for a spicy herbal hit.

Latest 7 December 2014

Aqua Manda Gift Set in Latest 7

Latest Aqua Manda Gift Set is featured in the Christmas Guide - 'for the classy gift giver'.

The Perfume Society December 2014

Aqua Manda featured in The Perfume Society

Featured in '10 olfactive memories from the 60's - Mini skirts and platforms were often occasioned with a spritz of Aqua Manda'.

Hair Magazine December 2014

Aqua Manda Perfume Featured in Hair Magazine - December 2014

Featured in 'Mini Masterclass - how to choose your winter scent'.

Sunday Times 'Style' Magazine 23rd February 2014

Aqua Manda featured in the Sunday Times Style Magazine1970's Beauty Feature

Do you remember?

Aqua Manda, a 1970's Brit classic, was reintroduced after an online petition. Even if you don't remember it, you'll be tickled by the vintage packaging and orange notes.

The London Magazine February 2014

Aqua Manda in the London Magazine

A 1970's favourite returns. Made with essential oils of mandarin, ginger, lavender cinnamon and herbs.

Cosmopolitan Online 8th January 2014

Aqua Manda Cosmopolitan Magazine

Yours January 2014

Aqua Manda Perfume Daily Mail - Yours

Do you remember?

The distinctive fragrance of Aqua Manda recalls those carefree days of the Sixties and Seventies, platform shoes, tank tops and flares. Back by popular demand, the well-loved perfume has been relaunched and approved by the original creator. Currently only available through www.aquamandaperfume.com, (Please note Aqua Manda is now available through a number of stockists, see the link above) Aqua Manda retains it's unique brown and orange retro packaging. We say it's a very welcome return!

Media Snapshot January 2014

Aqua Manda in the media January 2014

Sunday Express 24th November 2013

Aqua Mands Sunday Express

The Times 25th October 2013

Aqua Manda Perfume in the TImes

The Cosmetics Business 11th November 2013

Aqua Manda featured in Cosmetics Business

The Metro London 13th November 2013

Aqua Manda in the London Metro Newspaper