Recreating the original Aqua Manda perfume

How did we arrive at this recreation of the original Aqua Manda Perfume?

Before we even started any development we wanted the perfume to be authentic and as true to the original as possible.

The best way to do this would be to trace the original creator of the perfume, Christopher Collins, and ask him to act as a consultant on the development and final approval of the perfume.

We were fortunate enough to track him down and make contact. To our delight he agreed to discuss the possibility of re-launching Aqua Manda Pefume.

Our meeting with the original creator

Our first meeting with the original creator in a London Hotel in late 2012.

We all agreed at that meeting that we must re-create Aqua Manda Perfume and any other Aqua Manda products as close as we could to the original product.

Thankfully it was agreed that the final decision on all product development would be with the original creator and not a subjective, third party interpretation of what the perfume should be.

The development of the perfume

Now we were clear to move forward with the development - with the knowledge and re-asurance that we could provide our customers with as faithfull a re-creation as possible.

A panel was created involving four eminent perfumers to develop the perfume, the management team at BBD to get Aqua Manda to market, a designer to research the original packaging and make an accurate recreation and finally a PR team to build awarness of the product launch.

It was important that the development of the perfume had integrity so we made sure the panel of perfumers consisted of the original creator, the original oil supplier, a female perfumer at Givaudan perfume house and an independent eminent female perfumer in London.

Then the development of the perfume got going in earnest, over a painstaking period of 9 months, 43 different samples were undertaken to replicate the original scent.

The approval and conclusion

Eventually we arrived at a perfume that Christopher Collins approved and based on this approval, the final decision was taken to conclude the development of the perfume and go to market.